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About the Composer

Jordan Sandoval (she/her) is an Oregon-based composer and musician. She studied Music Composition and Pre-Teaching at George Fox University, and Film Composition at the European Film Academy.

Jordan's primary goal in the creation of music is story-telling. She found her stride in uprooting well-known Greek myths and transforming them into pieces for various ensembles. Her first composition was created in her junior year of high school, a solo piano piece depicting the feeling of a free fall. Since then, Jordan has composed pieces for solo instruments with and without accompaniment, small ensembles, and large ensembles such as symphonic band and symphony orchestra.

Under tutelage of Doctor Brent Weaver, Doctor Dwayne Corbin, and James Pick, Jordan is committed to the ever-growing world of modern classical music and supplying music to everyone. An avid fan of the impact of film music, Jordan hopes to capture those same stylistic ideas in contemporary pieces for instrumental ensembles. 

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