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Current/Recent Projects:

Rob Roy is a student film provided by the Film Scoring Academy of Europe for its students of film composition. Each recording session had different guidelines, this one focused on the pairing of violin, cello, and piano. Recorded live by professional musicians in Bulgaria, this piece was completed in June of 2023.

FUNeral is a student animation film from the George Fox cinematography department. I was hired by film students to compose a short score for their final animatic. It was completed in April of 2023.


Director: Isaac Beach

Production: Jacob Salsbury

2D Animation: Isaac Beach, Kennedy Green, 

Aisha Oakes, Victoria Trevino

3D Animation: Jessie Fitzgerald, Liz Rodriguez

Sound Design: Geralyn Agunat

Composer: Jordan Sandoval

The Erinyes is the first piece completed post-graduation at George Fox. I wrote this concerto as a play on an idea of a thematic tango, and expanded into a 3-movement concerto with a close to 2-minute cadenza before the concluding movement. Each movement is based off of a different 'Fury', cthonic figures of Greek mythology that represent vengeance and retribution.

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